Apostille, Authentication (Document Legalisation)

We are happy to help clients manage the complex process of notarisation, apostilles, authentications and embassy / consulate legalisation.

After our notarisation of documents, most of our clients find it more convenient to handle DFAT (apostille and authentication) and embassy / consulate legalisation work themselves.

However, our office is happy to assist clients by managing the sometimes complex after-notary work with DFAT and embassies / consulates.  This can be quite a time-saver if you have many or complex documents.

We are regularly in contact with DFAT and most embassies / consulates and have an excellent relationship with them. Please call or email if this is of interest to you.

Market rate fees are quoted on a case by case basis, depending on what is required.

For more details, please browse our Document Notarisation page.